The Igloo Theatre sponsored by Harlequin Floors


The Igloo Theatre sponsored by Harlequin Floors is the beating heart of Castlemas and a must-see for all the family. You can only enter The Igloo Theatre if you have a ticket for one of our performances, so BOOK NOW to be sure to make it inside this incredible venue for the ultimate Christmas experience! Our diverse programme will host over 70 performances throughout the duration, offering something for everyone.

Any theatre booking to one of our many shows includes guaranteed entry to Castlemas on the day of your booking and enhances your overall visit to the event. The Igloo allows you to lose yourself in the magic of live performance and encapsulate the true meaning of Christmas.  Whether it be a night out with friends or a chance for your youngest to watch their first ever show - Castlemas is for you. To view the performances on offer, please click the link below!


Please note: Our Covid-safe venue circulates fresh air into the venue three times every hour, whilst remaining toasty warm for your comfort. Our friendly Castlemas team will be on hand during your visit and will look forward to welcoming you. If you have any additional needs, please be sure to Contact Us. Tickets are non-refundable.